8 Most Luxurious Wedding Destinations

If you are planning a fairytale wedding with no expense spared there is an endless choice of locations and venues both here in the UK and far flung location around the world. Here we have listed 8 of our most favourite wedding venues where you can indulge yourselves and your guests.

Highlands of Scotland

Located in the foothills of Ben Nevis, Inverlochy Castle is surrounded by some of Scotland’s most stunning scenery. The hotel is a beautiful 19th century castle swathed by sumptious evergreen trees and views of the nearby loch.


New York library, set in the Manhattan cityscape, provides a theatrical experience, with elegant architecture and potential for great wedding photography. The internal space is spectacular, and a wonderful backdrop for floral creations and wedding themes.


An African safari wedding dazzles the senses: a gigantic sun, an expanse of game reserve, and the crescendo of a choir as you marry next to a river or watering hole. Mara Serena Safari Lodge blends luxury with the enchantment of the Masai Mara.


Indonesia has an exotic climate, friendly welcome and traditional standards of service with a number of 5 star hotels in Jakarta. Ayana Midplaza Jakarta located in the heart of Jakarta’s vibrant Jalan Sudirman central business district hosts luxurious weddings in their breathtaking Grand Ballroom.


India has a tradition of large scale weddings – grand, glorious affairs. The fabled City Palace of Udaipur is part of a complex of palaces. Located on the banks of Lake Pichola, the decadence and impressive architecture make this a luxurious and unforgettable setting.


The Burj Al Arab in Dubai is the epitome of modern opulence, occupying it’s own island, and overlooking the Arabian Gulf. It offers the standards of luxury and service you would expect in the world’s only 7 star hotel, with weddings even available on the 212 metre high helipad.


Once the home of King Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace is situated amongst acres of manicured gardens, alongside the River Thames. This historically rich setting features Britain’s greatest medieval banqueting hall. Guests can wander through the palace and grounds and enjoy drinks in the immaculate Privy Garden.


The splendour of it’s buildings and landmarks make Rome one of the most popular wedding destinations. The exquisite Palazzo Brancaccio is in the heart of Rome, surrounded by a natural park and featuring the ‘Little Palace House’ – a richly decorated and furnished venue set in the middle of a pond.

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How to Make Your Trip to Inverness Great

Scotland is a stunning country, perfect for road trips, for cottage retreats, and for exploring. It has dramatic, stunning landscapes and picturesque cities. It has legend, and history, and even its fair share of mystery. No trip to Scotland is wasted, but you need to know what is around and what you can do in order to make the most of it. Inverness, in particular, is a highlight that everyone should go see, as it is the largest city in the Scottish Highlands, and, more importantly, it is the cultural capital. That is why, to ensure that your trip to Inverness and the surrounding areas is perfect, you should follow this guide:

  1. Visit the Castles

One thing that the UK has in abundance is castles, forts, and roman remains. For those travellers who come from other countries, particularly those in North America, this can be a huge point of interest for you. Go visit the castles and enjoy the history of each and every one of them. They are beautiful, some intact, others in ruin, but they are each worth a visit. 

  1. You Must Hike

The Isle of Skye has some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. It is also a day’s trip from Inverness, making it the perfect extension to your trip. If, however, you want to stay more local, there are many areas around the city for hikes. If you aren’t the hiker, just go for a scenic drive. The landscapes are incredible, and missing out on them is a huge waste.

  1. Enjoy the Delights of the City

Inverness is the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands, meaning you won’t have to venture far to have a great time. From shopping to eating, to going out for a night, it has it all. Visit the galleries, the museums, and the distilleries. There is so much to do, so go and have some fun. 

  1. Enjoy Your Downtime

Rushing, however, is sure to tire you out and make you miss out on the feel of the Scottish Highlands. That is why you should enjoy your downtime. Take longer to explore. Sit longer during your lunch. The feel of the city is as important as what you do in it. When you go home to bed, disconnect with some live casino Unibet, a movie, or anything else. This will give you the time to absorb what you have seen, and done, and will let you start your day anew the next morning.

Inverness is a great destination for any traveller, whether you make it the only destination on your trip or a pit stop on a grand tour of Scotland. Remember to diversify your visit, have fun, learn some history, hike, see the landscapes, shop, and enjoy your downtime. The more you cater your itinerary to you, the better your trip will be. Just remember to leave some room for spontaneity!

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5 Easy Tips For Perfect Hotel Pictures

Consider the last major purchase you made. A camera? A mobile phone ? Maybe even a car? Whatever it was, I’m sure you did not buy it without first taking a look. And it is very likely that the product with the best photos has caught the most attention, perhaps even in the final stages of the buying process. So, why would it be different for travelers looking for a hotel for their next stay? Indeed, in addition to location and price, photos are the third most important factor when travelers book accommodation. If your hotel has unique features, breathtaking architecture or modern suites, then you already have a leg up on many properties. Now is the time to do justice to your hotel and show it to your potential customers with high quality photos. Do not limit yourself to your website (make sure you have a good web-hosting company).  To help you get perfect photos, we have prepared five easy tips for you. You do not have to be a professional photographer or spend a thousand cents. Take a few moments to put yourself in the shoes of an average traveler and keep these practical ideas in mind.

1. The first impression counts

Do not neglect your image if you want to generate reservations! Choose a catchy main photo that highlights the unique features of your hotel. Whether it’s your beautiful region, an outdoor activity center or an exceptional architecture.

2. When choosing photos, think about your ideal customer

Do you want to attract families, business travelers or honeymooners? So show them the equipment that suits their needs. A family with children will surely be looking for recreational areas where children can play while parents can relax nearby. A business traveler will rather want to see the amenities of the room, an office or a bar where he can spend more time. On the other hand, a honeymooner will be more in search of intimacy. A photo of a fireplace or a bathtub will do the trick.  Each feature of your hotel attracts a different audience. Keep this in mind when choosing photos.

3. The variety is important

Adding at least 20 high-quality photos of 2000 pixels wide to your online profile gives travelers a clear description of your hotel. Choose a variety of photos to illustrate the amenities and ambience of your hotel. Try to capture the traits that make your establishment unique. If your property has a spa area, an indoor pool or a gym, we recommend adding up to three photos of each. Are you proud to offer a generous breakfast to your guests every morning? So be sure to put it forward with an attractive photo. With a variety of photos, curious travelers can get a better idea of ​​your hotel and imagine a memorable stay at home.

4. Add photos according to the seasons

Show off your seasonal offers to attract travelers throughout the year. Seduce all guests including celebrities during the cold winter with a warm fireplace in the lobby or with a refreshing pool during the hot summer months. In this way, you show different facets of your hotel to attract customers throughout the year.

5. Make an honest selection

It is important to give a fair and realistic impression of your hotel so as not to disappoint your guests.If you decide to take pictures without the help of a professional photographer, consider the following: ·       The place you are going to photograph must be tidy and free of unnecessary objects.·       Light is key: find a balance between natural and artificial light.·       Take high resolution photos of about 2000 pixels wide.·       Limit the artistic effects and do not use a lens to make the room more spacious as this will convey an unrealistic image of the hotel.·       Do not superimpose text on photos.·       Do not create your collages yourself.·       Errors that you can easily avoid In addition to price and location, photos play a vital role in the booking process. Each photo must reinforce the desire of the traveler to book. Help your future customers make a thoughtful decision that will not disappoint them.


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10 Must See Events In The Highlands of Scotland For 2018

From its famous “Road to the Isles” surrounded by the beautiful and rugged vistas of Glen Coe and the Cairngorms, to the ubiquity of the great water of life (whisky), the Scottish Highlands features many must see natural landscapes and historic sites, but it also is home to a range of cultural events throughout the year. From the Highland games to Hogmanay, we list the must-see moments for 2018.

North Coast 500

Although not technically an event, Scotland’s answer to Route 66 is a perfect way to orient the great Scottish landscape. Starting and finishing in Inverness, the 500 miles is a long favourite now fully endorsed by the Scottish tourist industry. As a result, the route constantly features new B&B deals and attraction passes along the route. With ancient castle ruins, fell passes and winding coastal views, the North Coast 500 is a must do for 2018. If travelling between July and August, it offers many chances to witness small and local galas.

Highland Games

Held between spring and summer throughout Scotland, these games celebrate Scottish culture with a series of performances and feats of strength, such as the sheaf toss stone put and the hammer throw. With bagpipes, kilts, dancing and the famous caber toss, the largest games take place in Dunoon every August. However, smaller galas are held throughout the area and are well worth a visit. For more, see the association website’s listed events.


The most famous Hogmanay street party is held on Princes Street in Edinburgh, but Inverness also offers one of the largest free celebrations in the Red Hot Highland Fling. Complete with live music, fireworks, comedy and good whisky, this is a lively way to ring in the New Year. Other smaller festivities are dotted around the Highlands and are also worth a pull, particularly local fire festivals.

Comrie Flambeaux

Like Hogmanay, the pagan originating Comrie Flambeaux takes place on New Year and features fire displays, music, processions and fancy dress in the Southern Highlands town of Comrie. If you want to get down to the raw pagan roots of Scottish Celtic culture, then this is an event to behold. In it, a series of eight large wooden torches are set ablaze and marched through town at midnight.

Northern Lights

Although the auroras borealis cannot be guaranteed, the autumn and winter periods are ideal for spotting the Northern Lights. The secluded North West Highland landscape offers many ideal opportunities for clear nights beneath the stars and, if you are lucky, the glittery glow of an aurora.

Ullapool Book Festival

If you enjoy literature and literary heritage, the annual Ullapool book festival is held on the shores of the beautiful Loch Broom between 11-13 May. We can’t think of a better book spot than this quaint little town nestled between the mountains of Bheinn Ghobblach, An Teallach and Ben Mhòr na Còigich.

Fort William Mountain Festival

In October, Fort William hosts a unique experience celebrating mountaineering. With exhibitions, films and lectures, the event is topped with guided walks, hikes, climbs and skiing lesson.

Whisky Month

That’s right, whisky has a month as well as a day (May 19th, 2018). Distilleries, bars and pubs are all hosting the event with deals and tastings. Why not make the most of it and visit some of the best purveyors of Highland whisky? From Glengoyne and Glen Dronach to Glenmorangie, Highland whiskies are some of the best in Scotland. What is more, if you arrive a little early, Inverness is hosting a whisky and gin festival in April, complete with rare drams and fresh Scottish gins.


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The Best Bars In Inverness

The Scottish Highlands is an enchanting place with so much to see and do. Whether you fancy taking a romantic break, a family holiday or a trip away with friends, it caters for everyone and a great time is guaranteed.

As the traditional capital of the Highlands region, Inverness should be your first port of call when visiting this beautiful part of the world. Inverness offers a wealth of activities to do and historical landmarks to see, and no shortage of outstanding bars to frequent.

At the end of a day on the tourist trail, take in one, or even a few, of the finest public houses that Inverness has to offer.

Here, in no particular order, are five of the best:

1. Johnny Foxes

For the ultimate Highlands experience, with traditional music and tasty ales, Johnny Foxes is a winner of a location. The good people at Johnny Foxes have turned their establishment into a beautiful venue that is both welcoming and cosy. The live music on offer is in keeping with the traditions of the city, while the food is hearty and wholesome.

2. The Water Front

Inverness translates as “Mouth of the River Ness”, and The Water Front — as the name suggests — is a splendidly located bar that offers idyllic views of the River Ness. Browse their menu for some tasty food that is sure to satisfy your appetite. The haggis comes highly recommended, and it would only be right to wash it all down with a refreshing local beer or dram of whisky.

3. Blackfriars

From the moment you arrive at Blackfriars, you will know you’ve come upon a Highland pub that is dripping with tradition. When the locals go to a pub in their droves it’s usually a good sign, and that is very much the case at Blackfriars. Renowned for its extensive beer menu and friendly bar staff, this is a wonderful place in which to spend a chilled-out evening. There is often live music laid on as well.

4. The Innes

Innes is that special kind of bar that you would be happy to bring the kids to during the day, or frequent with friends in the evening time. Offering great food and a friendly, comfortable setting, you will not go wrong here. Whether it’s a beer, a cocktail or a coffee that you’re after — or perhaps a local whisky — you’ll get it here, and it’s very much service with a smile. Innes’ lunch and dinner offerings have attracted plenty of praise, so drop in for a bite to eat too.

5. Gellions Bar

Gellions might just be the finest representation of a Highlands Bar. The traditional decor will make you feel right at home, while the friendly atmosphere illustrates all the hallmarks of a bar that has been successfully trading for more than 170 years. Any place that’s been in business that long is doing something right!

Inverness falls into the ‘stay-cation’ category, but if you’re travelling further afield, ensure that your EHIC card is in date with ehiccardrenewal.co.uk.

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