Getting In Touch With The Locals

Holidaying in the 21st century is a pure joy. The internet provides amazing convenience when planning and executing a vacation. There are more than enough resource to help holiday makers. From sites and applications that help you to plan your trip in amazing detail to sites and apps that help you to get from point A to point B.

Regardless of your budget, anyone can now afford a holiday. The only reason why some people never go is because they do not think they deserve a vacation. Simply starting a “vacation savings” account will get you to that dream destination. If real money online casino nz game players can set a bankroll to finance their casino gaming, therefore, you should also sacrifice for the vacation.

You do not even need to win an online casino jackpot to have a great holiday. Although it would definitely make things a little more comfortable. Sharing is the new caring, or it seems. But definitely sharing is the in-business in many countries.

Really Getting to Experience a Place

Every seasoned traveller knows that no matter how nice or terrible the people at a resort are they are not a true reflection of the population. Most of the people that you meet at resorts and other tourist interaction places are people at work. The only other people that are not working are other holiday makers. So you can go to the West Indies and never party with a Jamaican.

There are now many services that allow people to interact closely with the locals. These include house-sharing and car-sharing schemes. Such programs bring together people with extra sleeping space with travellers. And for the car share, people travelling in one direction are partnered so that they share the cost of the trip. Obviously, there is background checking involved to make sure that everyone is safe.

By staying, travelling with and like the locals you get to experience the true atmosphere of a place. It is also a very cheap way of travelling.

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The Best Bars In Inverness

The Scottish Highlands is an enchanting place with so much to see and do. Whether you fancy taking a romantic break, a family holiday or a trip away with friends, it caters for everyone and a great time is guaranteed.

As the traditional capital of the Highlands region, Inverness should be your first port of call when visiting this beautiful part of the world. Inverness offers a wealth of activities to do and historical landmarks to see, and no shortage of outstanding bars to frequent.

At the end of a day on the tourist trail, take in one, or even a few, of the finest public houses that Inverness has to offer.

Here, in no particular order, are five of the best:

1. Johnny Foxes

For the ultimate Highlands experience, with traditional music and tasty ales, Johnny Foxes is a winner of a location. The good people at Johnny Foxes have turned their establishment into a beautiful venue that is both welcoming and cosy. The live music on offer is in keeping with the traditions of the city, while the food is hearty and wholesome.

2. The Water Front

Inverness translates as “Mouth of the River Ness”, and The Water Front — as the name suggests — is a splendidly located bar that offers idyllic views of the River Ness. Browse their menu for some tasty food that is sure to satisfy your appetite. The haggis comes highly recommended, and it would only be right to wash it all down with a refreshing local beer or dram of whisky.

3. Blackfriars

From the moment you arrive at Blackfriars, you will know you’ve come upon a Highland pub that is dripping with tradition. When the locals go to a pub in their droves it’s usually a good sign, and that is very much the case at Blackfriars. Renowned for its extensive beer menu and friendly bar staff, this is a wonderful place in which to spend a chilled-out evening. There is often live music laid on as well.

4. The Innes

Innes is that special kind of bar that you would be happy to bring the kids to during the day, or frequent with friends in the evening time. Offering great food and a friendly, comfortable setting, you will not go wrong here. Whether it’s a beer, a cocktail or a coffee that you’re after — or perhaps a local whisky — you’ll get it here, and it’s very much service with a smile. Innes’ lunch and dinner offerings have attracted plenty of praise, so drop in for a bite to eat too.

5. Gellions Bar

Gellions might just be the finest representation of a Highlands Bar. The traditional decor will make you feel right at home, while the friendly atmosphere illustrates all the hallmarks of a bar that has been successfully trading for more than 170 years. Any place that’s been in business that long is doing something right!

Inverness falls into the ‘stay-cation’ category, but if you’re travelling further afield, ensure that your EHIC card is in date with

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The World’s Tallest Hotels

There are many hotels in the world. Each of them specific to a certain type of client. There are hotels that are underground, some hanging on a cliff while others are even underwater. At each of these hotels, the patrons get to experience a different type of lifestyle. This is usually what they pay for.

Some of the best hotels in the world get a lot of visitors not because of their unique location. These hotels attract people because of the special structure.

Visiting the Tallest Hotels in the World.

Many people are visiting the tallest hotels in the world. This is mainly because the hotels are tall. Most of the hotels do not have many other attractions except their huge size. A few of the hotels also have casinos. But people are no longer really travelling for gambling experiences. The reason is the astronomic rise of online casinos. These online casinos give higher payouts than land based casinos. They manage to give players more because they have cheaper operating expenses. Brick and mortar casinos have higher running costs because of the nature of their operations.

When you want to visit the casinos you might need to have won some money at your favourite online casino such as casino-mate Australia online casino. The hotels are very expensive to stay in. The majority of the hotels cost several hundreds of dollars and even thousands of dollars. Prices are kept high at the hotels so that they remain exclusive.

Despite the high cost of accommodation at these hotels some of them fail to offer premium services. There have been many complaints about the quality of treatment that visitors get. Even at top hotels that are constantly rated 5 stars or more.

Such is scenario is rare at online casinos. All players receive quality treatment and the best online casino gaming experience. The top online casinos will even offer their high-rolling players dedicated account managers to make sure that the members are well taken care of.

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Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is Built on Water

Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is built on water. Then is it more important to talk about how the hotel looks or that the building is or the fact that it is standing on water? There many things that make the casino fascinating. Travelling to Dubai will never be complete without checking out this iconic structure. The engineering genius that is displayed on the building is magnificent. However, the majority of mankind will have to win a real money online casino jackpot to sleep in the hotel. Even after winning the highest online casino jackpot most people would still select cheaper accommodation.

Specifications of the Burj Al Arab Hotel

We are not going to talk about the price for a night at the super hotel. If we do many people would stop reading and revert to online casino gaming. The reason is that the cost of a sleepover or even a meal is impossibly high. As impossible as withdrawing your money from an unregistered online casino. You can visit for more information about secured and registered online casinos.

The hotel is a sail-shaped work of art that rises 321m above sea level. There are up to 60 floors in the hotel. It has been constantly referred to as “the world’s only 7-star Hotel. But the hotel only uses less than 60% the height to accommodate visitors. This is because the rest of the space is un occupiable.
The casino can accommodate people in its 202 bedroom suites. It has 28 double-storey floors. Double-storey floors are not the only fascinating thing about the hotel. Burj Al Arab was built on an artificial island. The island is about 300m from the Jumeirah beach. A very sleek private bridge connects the hotel to the rest of the land mass.

As the third highest hotel in the world it is has attracted thousands of visitors since it opened its doors to the public in 1999.

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Building An Extension For Your B&B

Growing the size of your bed and breakfast establishment can lead to turning a higher profit at the end of the financial year. Not only do you have the capacity for hosting more guests, but a larger physical property also increases the quality and comfort of the accommodation on offer, allowing you to charge a higher price for each room or suite. Profit aside, a comfortable B&B property can also attract more pleasant guests. Here are a few ideas that will lead to a successful extension project.

Don’t cram it in

Think beyond simply adding more rooms – consider comfort too. Depending on your physical location and the price that visitors are willing to pay to stay in the area, you might find that opting for larger rooms rather than more rooms will result in a higher profit. A more comfortable room can be sold for a higher room rate while keeping the number of guests and associated expenses the same. On the flipside, adding more rooms also increases the number of guests whom you have to administer.

An opportunity for a refresh

Extension work involves a lot of disruption. No building exercise is completely mess and dust free, and your existing rooms and facilities will require a thorough deep clean. This is a good opportunity to redecorate your entire establishment. As you’re upgrading the size of your B&B, also think about upgrading the overall look and feel of the entire property. Hire a good interior designer to give all the rooms and reception areas a makeover and plan to finish the interior decorating around the same time as the overall building works.

Hire reputable contractors

It’s crucial that you finish your B&B extension on time and on budget. Budget overruns can eat into the overall profitability of your operation, while not finishing the extension on time means that you will have to refuse paying guests. Contractors who have a reputation for dependability and reliability are key to finishing your project on time and managing your project can be made easier if you hire them from an umbrella company, which will oversee the contracts, invoices and any tax issues.

Focus on health and safety

Building regulations are strict, and your planning application will be reviewed with great care. Government regulations will provide a certain level of safety, but your B&B extension should go the extra mile to ensure the safety of your guests. Go over and above what the law says and hire an expert in building safety to help you plan fire escape routes and consider which building materials are least likely to have a health impact.

Your B&B can deliver a pleasantly unique experience to guests, which leads to them posting glowing reviews and which generates return visitors. It is important that your extension project focuses not only on boosting revenues but also on comfort and customer satisfaction. Getting the combination of capacity and comfort right is key to maximising the revenue that you achieve from your B&B.

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