Weekend Retreat: Inverness

If you’re look for a peaceful weekend away in the Scottish Highlands, then Inverness is the place to visit. With its fantastic countryside walks, rich heritage and entertaining nightlife, it would be the perfect destination for anyone looking to take a break from their usual routine. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the area is the Titanic Maritime Museum, which is open 12pm-5pm on a daily basis and is free admission. The museum has a fine array of nautical artifacts, with pieces from the different eras of sea travel, as well as fantastic models of famous ships, including the Titanic and submarines made from eco-friendly materials. There are lots of interactive exhibits so it would be great for families with young children, as they can really get involved whilst learning at the same time.

Loch Ness

Inverness also has a great nightlife, with the city centre full of great bars and restaurants for visitors to enjoy. But if you are looking for something a little different on your trip away, why not try out one of the local casinos. With the rise in popularity of online casinos, the gaming industry has become a prominent figure in many cities and is a guaranteed good night out. The one4 Fun Casino, located in the city centre, is one of Inverness’s more popular casinos, with a great spread of games, ranging from poker to roulette. The casino is open on a daily basis, so there is plenty of time for you to squeeze a few rolls of the dice into your visit to beautiful Inverness. So if all of this sounds good to you, then Inverness is the place to go.

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Where To Spend A Romantic Getaway In Oban

Romantic Oban Accommodation

A number of tourists and visitors choose to spend their holiday or anniversary in Oban because of the romantic ambiance and plenty of breathtaking views throughout the area. It is one of the few places on Earth where you can just unwind, feel the gentle breeze on your face and marvel at the remarkable beauty all around you. You will find yourself instantly drawn to the magnificent panorama of the islands, waters and hills that give this place a unique and magical character.

Leaving Oban Ferry Terminal Calmac's "Isle of Mull" leaving the terminal at ObanIf what you look for is a romantic break with your significant other, then Oban is certainly the perfect place to be. In Gaelic, Oban is translated as “little bay”, although you will realise that although this place may be smaller in area, it is packed with just the right amount of attractions that will enhance your overall experience during your trip. For instance, you may choose to sail away and discover medieval castles that will surely impress you and captivate your attention. After all, these are the same views that have captured the minds and hearts of various artists, poets and composers who have frequented Oban for years.

Most Oban accommodation providers are keen to cater to people who are planning to celebrate their honeymoon, birthday, engagement, anniversary and several other significant milestones or events in their lives. Thus, you can choose from a number of top-notch hotels or bed and breakfast accommodation that offer the finest rooms and quality dining experience for your total satisfaction. After all, Oban is famous for its authentic Scottish hospitality, so you have nothing to worry about during your trip to this awe-inspiring place in the world.

When it comes to a special getaway to this enigmatic place, you may opt to book a room in a luxury hotel or find a cozy B&B that can offer you a quiet retreat amidst some of Europe’s idyllic wilderness areas. In fact, a country setting is one of the most common preferences of individuals who wish to have their wedding in Oban. Natural and enchanting surroundings will take your breath away as Oban is known for its panoramic views of the mountains and lochs. Indeed, celebrating this important day of your life in such a lovely setting makes a huge difference than by simply holding this event at a usual location such as a hotel or a church. 

Although Oban is home to only a few thousand individuals, the population increases at various times of the years because this place is one of the most preferred destinations of people who long for a pleasantly extraordinary setting that is loaded with impressive attractions. A huge number of visitors choose to explore this beautiful area that boasts of its first-rate lodging, ancient and medieval structures and picturesque views of the islands and waterways. There are also several options when it comes to the different activities that you can engage in during your trip such as fishing, sailing and kayaking, to name a few. 

The mere fact that Oban has been awarded Queen Victoria’s seal of approval as one of the finest spots in the world explains so much about the beauty of the place. Thus, you can never go wrong for choosing Oban as the setting for your life’s special events because it is a remarkable paradise that will certainly take your breath away.

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Popular Restaurants in St. Andrews

Top Rated St Andrews Restaurants

Chocolate CakeSt. Andrews is popular for its breathtaking landscapes and exciting festivals, which make this place one of the most loved destinations in Scotland. If you plan to visit this lovely town, you should consider checking out the different restaurants that will enhance your overall dining experience. Whether you plan to have a taste of Scottish delicacies or Indian dishes, you can find just the right one you need from a wide selection of restaurants in St. Andrews. You can also select from a range of cafes, bars and pubs for a drink with some friends, or maybe grab a delectable scone or dessert in these fine restaurants in town.

So, to help you with your dining options, check out these top-rated restaurants which may be just a short stroll away from you St. Andrews accommodation as they are certainly worth your time and money. These are the perfect spots to dine on weekdays, or even during special occasions no matter what time of the year.

Guardbridge Inn

This family-run restaurant is famous for its homemade local products that will leave you craving for more. The moment you step inside this cozy inn, you will feel at ease because of its friendly and warm ambiance that’s perfect for unwinding. It offers a typical country setting where you can find a nice wood burning stove and brewery ale. Moreover, food is served from 11 in the morning until 9 in the evening, regularly although the inn is closed every Tuesday. If you want to have a taste of their scrumptious roast inner then the best day of the week to visit is every Sunday. This is the best place for families and friends to dine and have a relaxing time in this great restaurant in St. Andrews.

MusclesWaterfront Restaurant

What’s distinct about this restaurant is the fact that it overlooks the stunning Anstruther Harbour, which adds to the distinct appeal of this place. This restaurant is set in one of the finest locations in St. Andrews and you can find amazing views while dining such as the Anstruther’s marina and the Firth of Forth. Aside from the spectacular views, the Waterfront Restaurant features a wide selection of menus that will suit your preference and budget. It is the best place to go when you are craving a healthy breakfast, lunch, light snack or a full dinner. You will also find this restaurant as an excellent choice when you feel like having a nice cup of coffee or a slice of cake at any time of the day. Lastly, the restaurant boasts of its outstanding selection of seafood dishes such as citrus salmon, steamed mussels, stuffed sea bass and everyone’s favorite – fish and chips.

Playfair’s Restaurant

Grilled SalmonAnother highly recommended restaurant in St. Andrews is Playfair’s which has been in the business for a number of years. It is known to offer customers a variety of scrumptious and nutritious dishes, as well as the best value for your money. Whether you look for casual or fine dining, then this restaurant is the perfect choice for you. Most importantly, menus are made from the finest and freshest ingredients, so you can expect great quality when it comes to the products and services provided by Playfair’s Restaurant.

Dining is a treat in St. Andrews, as long as you choose to spend some time in these highly-recommended restaurants that will exceed your expectations.

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Hidden Gems: Two Waterfalls Tucked Away Near Inverness

Scotland is a major tourist destination in the world, with CNN naming the country the number one destination for tourists to visit in 2013. Scotland is more than just the world famous Loch Ness – the supposed home of the mystical Loch Ness Monster – known for its beautiful scenery, unspoiled natural wonders and a rich and long history. Scotland is a travel destination that has a charm and serenity of its own.

Tucked away between the villages surrounding Loch Ness are two spectacular waterfalls that are hidden away from civilization. These bodies of water that can be found near the city of Inverness, give their visitors a unique and intimate surrounding that can melt any person’s worries and stresses away. For those who want to marvel in the outdoors and surround themselves with what nature has to offer, hiking to these waterfalls are a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of the city and the crowded major tourist attractions.

Situated near the village of Tomich is Plodda Falls. Considered by many as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the whole of Scotland, it is relatively unknown. In Tomich, you can stay in one of the several guest houses and bed and breakfasts in the village, take a bus or rent a car to the site, settle in the car park and walk your way to the falls. The path is well signposted so you don’t have to hire a guide or ask for directions.

There are two woodland trails that direct you to the location. The longer one, Tweedmouth Walk, named after the area’s late 19th century owner, Lord Tweedmouth, is highly recommended. Taking this route will allow you to enjoy the hundreds of old Douglas fir trees that fill the path. The shorter trail, Falls Walk, leads you straight to Plodda Falls. Located in the middle of nowhere, with stunning views and a quiet surrounding, Plodda Falls is a definite must visit for those who want to try a trek off the beaten paths of Scotland.There’s nothing more fulfilling than ending a long hike by finally arriving to your destination and being filled with awe and wonder. 

Foyers Falls

The second waterfalls are the Falls of Foyers Located near Foyers, a village that lies on the East shore of Loch Ness. This body of water comes from the River Ness, and feeds the Loch Ness. At the start of the trail leading to the falls, a shop, cafe and parking lot are available to serve your needs so you don’t have to pack so much when you take your hike to the area. The walking distance from the shop is about 2.7 miles, taking you around one to two hours of walking, so you have to be physically fit to withstand the walk.

The waterfall has a height of 165 feet, with picnic tables, safety railings and wooden steps around the area. A very popular tourist destination in the Victorian era, it has lost some of its dramatic wonder due to the hydroelectricity system that it is used for. However, when heavy rainfall occurs, it returns to its former glory and gives you a spectacular waterfall experience.

These hidden gems are among Scotland’s preserved natural wonders.

Have an intimate and fulfilling experience by visiting one or both of these beautiful natural wonders.

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Classical Concert by Martin Aelred at St Mary’s Inverness

Classical Concert by International Solo Tenor and Classical Guitarist, Martin Aelred.

Classical Concert by Martin Aelred at St Marys InvernessThis man’s recent discovery in Scotland, has been likened to the discovery of opera singer, Susan Boyle.

Martin Aelred hails from Govan near Glasgow and has only recently been discovered as a top star. He only emerged onto the world stage, following the death of his father. His late father’s dying wish, was that Martin would now persue a career to express his undoubted talents and perform on the world stage. He can make your hair stand on end with his nerve tingling performance of the famous Luciano Pavarotti song, ‘Nessun Dorma’.

He has performed live at The United Nations in New York, for Prime Ministers and Presidents. He has done performances for HRH Prince Charles and His Holiness, The Dalia Lama and UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. He has taken his solo tour to include appearances in Las Vegas, New York, Switzerland and London.

His most recent special performances have included charity fundraisers for York Minster Cathedral and for the Scottish Charity, Mary’s Meals. Martin Aelred loves the special acoustics of performing live in churches and cathedrals. See also www.martinaelred.info and his Facebook Page and view  his ‘Martin Aelred You Tube channel’.

It was at his Mary’s Meals Event, that he was spotted and recommended to Parish Priest, Fr. James Bell, Dean of the Highland Deanery, based at St. Mary’s, Huntly Street, Inverness IV3 5PR. Tel: 01463 233519. And subsequently invited to appear at St. Mary’s Church, Huntly Street, on the riverside in Inverness.

On Wednesday 19th June at 7.30pm. Tickets can be reserved by calling the Church Office on Tel: 01463 233519 or purchased at the door on the evening of the event. Prices are subsidised to only £8 Adult Entry and £6 for OAP & Concessions.

Donations are invited towards the Church Fabric Restoration and Windows Appeal.

St. Mary’s is part of the R.C.Diocese of Aberdeen Charitable Trust.

Scottish Charity Reg. No. SCO 05122.

Further Details from Christopher Doig at Parish Office, Inverness, Tel: 01463 233519

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