5 Easy Tips For Perfect Hotel Pictures

Consider the last major purchase you made. A camera? A mobile phone ? Maybe even a car? Whatever it was, I’m sure you did not buy it without first taking a look. And it is very likely that the product with the best photos has caught the most attention, perhaps even in the final stages of the buying process. So, why would it be different for travelers looking for a hotel for their next stay? Indeed, in addition to location and price, photos are the third most important factor when travelers book accommodation. If your hotel has unique features, breathtaking architecture or modern suites, then you already have a leg up on many properties. Now is the time to do justice to your hotel and show it to your potential customers with high quality photos. Do not limit yourself to your website (make sure you have a good web-hosting company).  To help you get perfect photos, we have prepared five easy tips for you. You do not have to be a professional photographer or spend a thousand cents. Take a few moments to put yourself in the shoes of an average traveler and keep these practical ideas in mind.

1. The first impression counts

Do not neglect your image if you want to generate reservations! Choose a catchy main photo that highlights the unique features of your hotel. Whether it’s your beautiful region, an outdoor activity center or an exceptional architecture.

2. When choosing photos, think about your ideal customer

Do you want to attract families, business travelers or honeymooners? So show them the equipment that suits their needs. A family with children will surely be looking for recreational areas where children can play while parents can relax nearby. A business traveler will rather want to see the amenities of the room, an office or a bar where he can spend more time. On the other hand, a honeymooner will be more in search of intimacy. A photo of a fireplace or a bathtub will do the trick.  Each feature of your hotel attracts a different audience. Keep this in mind when choosing photos.

3. The variety is important

Adding at least 20 high-quality photos of 2000 pixels wide to your online profile gives travelers a clear description of your hotel. Choose a variety of photos to illustrate the amenities and ambience of your hotel. Try to capture the traits that make your establishment unique. If your property has a spa area, an indoor pool or a gym, we recommend adding up to three photos of each. Are you proud to offer a generous breakfast to your guests every morning? So be sure to put it forward with an attractive photo. With a variety of photos, curious travelers can get a better idea of ​​your hotel and imagine a memorable stay at home.

4. Add photos according to the seasons

Show off your seasonal offers to attract travelers throughout the year. Seduce all guests including celebrities during the cold winter with a warm fireplace in the lobby or with a refreshing pool during the hot summer months. In this way, you show different facets of your hotel to attract customers throughout the year.

5. Make an honest selection

It is important to give a fair and realistic impression of your hotel so as not to disappoint your guests.If you decide to take pictures without the help of a professional photographer, consider the following: ·       The place you are going to photograph must be tidy and free of unnecessary objects.·       Light is key: find a balance between natural and artificial light.·       Take high resolution photos of about 2000 pixels wide.·       Limit the artistic effects and do not use a lens to make the room more spacious as this will convey an unrealistic image of the hotel.·       Do not superimpose text on photos.·       Do not create your collages yourself.·       Errors that you can easily avoid In addition to price and location, photos play a vital role in the booking process. Each photo must reinforce the desire of the traveler to book. Help your future customers make a thoughtful decision that will not disappoint them.