6 Great Reasons to Book a B&B This Year

Hotels are great. Staying in a hotel suits many people, especially business travellers, because you can book somewhere like the IHG Birmingham and enjoy plenty of facilities. However, if you are bored of hotels and you would like to try something a bit different, you need to look at an alternative type of accommodation: a traditional B&B.

B&Bs are available pretty much anywhere. Virtually every town and city in the UK has a host of B&Bs to choose from. You can book them direct, or make a booking through one of the big accommodation websites. For short or long stays, a B&B is a great choice for travellers, but if you are still unconvinced and think a hotel is a better bet, here are six great reasons why B&Bs rock.

Value for Money

B&Bs are excellent value for money. It might be cheaper to book a room in a budget hotel, but you really do get what you pay for. Most hotels charge extra for literally everything, from parking and breakfast to movies and Wi-Fi. If you book a stay in a B&B, you can expect most things to be free, including parking, Wi-Fi and a full English breakfast.

Unique and Quirky

Hotel chains are fairly generic. You can mix and match rooms and they all look the same. B&Bs are all unique. Even individual rooms in the same establishment will be different. Some even offer themed rooms or wacky types of accommodation such as treehouses or yurts. This makes every trip you take interesting – and a lot more fun.

Home from Home

Staying in a B&B is like staying at home, only better. Most B&B owners go the extra mile to make you feel welcome when you stay in their home. Some offer their guests free glasses of wine and freshly baked cakes upon arrival. Since you are staying in their home, it will feel a lot more welcoming than a bland hotel room.

The Personal Touch

B&B accommodation is far more than just a room. Your host is there to make your stay special, so if you have a dietary requirement or you want an extra blanket on the bed, all you have to do is ask.

Local Knowledge

There is a lot to be said for local knowledge. Instead being shown a rack of old tourist leaflets, you can get the information you need straight from the horse’s mouth. B&B hosts are locals, so they know the local area like the back of their hand. If you want to know where the best pub is or which attraction is great for kids, all you have to do is ask.

Home Cooking

Nothing beats home cooking just like mum used to make. Staying in a B&B means you have your very own personal chef frying bacon in the morning and serving you eggs just the way you like them.

A B&B is the smart choice for travellers who want to enjoy great accommodation at a sensible price. So why not give it a B&B a try the next time you go exploring.