6 Tip-Top Travel Tips For UK Flyers

Travel is a hugely popular activity. However, it can also be super stressful because there are so many factors to consider – like where to stay, what you can and can’t pack, how you’ll get around.

But don’t let these questions and concerns get you down – there are plenty of simple solutions.

With that said, here are six tip-top travel tips to help make your getaway as plain-sailing and stress free as possible.

  1. Research your destination

Which side of the road do they drive on in Australia? What’s the food like in Thailand? How strict are the laws in Dubai? Doing some research beforehand will help you get a feel for your destination and clear up any misconceptions.

Plus, you’ll find it easier to plan activities and think of fun things to do. You’ll find fantastic travel guides on Lonely Planet for a wide range of destinations and topics.

  1. Do touristy stuff

Doing touristy activities might seem boring and predictable, especially to the more seasoned traveller. But would you really want to go to New York without checking out the Statue of Liberty or Barcelona without gazing at the Sagrada Familia?

Doing touristy stuff doesn’t make you any less of a traveller. It allows you to see the most popular and much-loved places in your destination and form your own unique connection to them.

  1. Copy your passport

When it comes to travel, your passport is without a doubt the most important document you’ll carry, so aside from guarding it with your life, you should photocopy or scan a copy of it too.

This will make the process of securing a replacement easier and quicker, should the original get lost or stolen. It’s worth making copies of other travel docs too, this article on Insure My Trip lists the most important ones.

  1. Offline maps

You’ll probably have a good idea of the places you’d like to visit before you fly off. So do yourself a favour and use an app such as Google Maps to download the maps for these areas in advance.

In doing so, you’ll be able to access the maps without an internet connection, which means no worrying about getting lost or finding your way around.

  1. Always carry cash

 Cards, contactless and apps might prevail in the UK but in many other parts of the world, cash still rules, so make sure you carry some.

Just ensure that you split up your travel money so you’re never carrying it all at once, in case the worst case scenario materialises and you get robbed.

  1. Drive to the airport

Relying on public transport is fine for everyday tasks like popping into town, but when it comes to catching your flight, driving is a much safer bet.

It allows you to travel directly from your front door to the airport and leave home at the time that’s most convenient for you.

If you’re worried about pricey airport parking charges, you’ll find fab airport parking deals on Looking4.com for Stansted and pretty much every other UK hub.

What are your top travel tips? Please share them in the comments section.