Building An Extension For Your B&B

Growing the size of your bed and breakfast establishment can lead to turning a higher profit at the end of the financial year. Not only do you have the capacity for hosting more guests, but a larger physical property also increases the quality and comfort of the accommodation on offer, allowing you to charge a higher price for each room or suite. Profit aside, a comfortable B&B property can also attract more pleasant guests. Here are a few ideas that will lead to a successful extension project.

Don’t cram it in

Think beyond simply adding more rooms – consider comfort too. Depending on your physical location and the price that visitors are willing to pay to stay in the area, you might find that opting for larger rooms rather than more rooms will result in a higher profit. A more comfortable room can be sold for a higher room rate while keeping the number of guests and associated expenses the same. On the flipside, adding more rooms also increases the number of guests whom you have to administer.

An opportunity for a refresh

Extension work involves a lot of disruption. No building exercise is completely mess and dust free, and your existing rooms and facilities will require a thorough deep clean. This is a good opportunity to redecorate your entire establishment. As you’re upgrading the size of your B&B, also think about upgrading the overall look and feel of the entire property. Hire a good interior designer to give all the rooms and reception areas a makeover and plan to finish the interior decorating around the same time as the overall building works.

Hire reputable contractors

It’s crucial that you finish your B&B extension on time and on budget. Budget overruns can eat into the overall profitability of your operation, while not finishing the extension on time means that you will have to refuse paying guests. Contractors who have a reputation for dependability and reliability are key to finishing your project on time and managing your project can be made easier if you hire them from an umbrella company, which will oversee the contracts, invoices and any tax issues.

Focus on health and safety

Building regulations are strict, and your planning application will be reviewed with great care. Government regulations will provide a certain level of safety, but your B&B extension should go the extra mile to ensure the safety of your guests. Go over and above what the law says and hire an expert in building safety to help you plan fire escape routes and consider which building materials are least likely to have a health impact.

Your B&B can deliver a pleasantly unique experience to guests, which leads to them posting glowing reviews and which generates return visitors. It is important that your extension project focuses not only on boosting revenues but also on comfort and customer satisfaction. Getting the combination of capacity and comfort right is key to maximising the revenue that you achieve from your B&B.