Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is Built on Water

Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is built on water. Then is it more important to talk about how the hotel looks or that the building is or the fact that it is standing on water? There many things that make the casino fascinating. Travelling to Dubai will never be complete without checking out this iconic structure. The engineering genius that is displayed on the building is magnificent. However, the majority of mankind will have to win a real money online casino jackpot to sleep in the hotel. Even after winning the highest online casino jackpot most people would still select cheaper accommodation.

Specifications of the Burj Al Arab Hotel

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The hotel is a sail-shaped work of art that rises 321m above sea level. There are up to 60 floors in the hotel. It has been constantly referred to as “the world’s only 7-star Hotel. But the hotel only uses less than 60% the height to accommodate visitors. This is because the rest of the space is un occupiable.
The casino can accommodate people in its 202 bedroom suites. It has 28 double-storey floors. Double-storey floors are not the only fascinating thing about the hotel. Burj Al Arab was built on an artificial island. The island is about 300m from the Jumeirah beach. A very sleek private bridge connects the hotel to the rest of the land mass.

As the third highest hotel in the world it is has attracted thousands of visitors since it opened its doors to the public in 1999.