5 Attractions In Edinburgh

The Scottish capital of Edinburgh is known for its historical sites and its impressive beauty, however what are the lesser known things to do in the city? What other things should you be looking to do when you visit the city? Here we take a look:

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Edinburgh is known for its West End and the musicals shows that are there. Less known is the Wild West which is a short distance away from the Old Town. You can travel back century and marvel at the saloon, jail and cantina, but not all is as it seems. These shop fronts were actually built by a businessman who owned a furniture business in the city, in order to advertise his southwest style furniture. The store has long gone but the shopfronts are still there and are now used as a filming location and fire doors for those businesses still standing.

When talking of drinks distilled in Edinburgh, undoubtedly everyone’s mind will automatically think of Whisky and the various tours that can be done within the city, including the museum dedicated to it. However, Gin is fast becoming a very popular drink nationally and nowhere more so than Edinburgh. There are 2 gin distilleries, Edinburgh Gin and Pikering’s Gin, in the heart of the capital and tours can be run from both of them.

For those that love history and in particular gruesome tales, then look no further than the ‘Real Mary Kings Close Tour’. You travel under the streets of Edinburgh with a tour guide, typically dressed in 17th century attire, who will tell tales about those real people that lived in the ancient streets of the city. There are multiple personalities to meet including a well-known Plague Doctor and a Poet known for starting the notorious ‘Cape Club’ and many more.

Next on the list is a sight that majority of visitors to Edinburgh would have seen, but not many know that you can climb to its top! Scott Monument is a historical gothic tower with stone spiral staircases that get more and more narrow as you reach the top. There are two viewing platforms at the top, and on a clear day you can see for miles, with 360-degree views of the city. Not for those with claustrophobia and a fear of heights but a must for everyone else.

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