Choosing The Best Scottish Hotel Accommodation

Scotland has a great deal to offer both families and individuals who are planning a break. Although Scotland is small in land mass there are huge amounts of things to see and do on a short city break.

If you are planning a two day or more break you could discover the beautiful Scottish Highlands as well as taking in the historical and beautiful city of Edinburgh. Think of a five day tour and you could tour the Isle of Skye and follow the whisky trail around the Highlands.

Within every few hours of your travelling, you will experience a rapid change in the landscape from the gentle rolling hills to rugged coasts and dramatic, towering peaks. The cosmopolitan cities that are full with the future promises rub in shoulders with the ancient castles and monuments. While Edinburgh Festival and other festivals recalls the country’s cultural influence, the pristine sandy beaches offer peace and tranquillity. Country parks and outstanding nature reserves in other ways have something different for every visitor.

While you tour in the city, shop your bags full and lunch at a top restaurant. A whisky-themed weekend with a visit to the famous Scotch Malt Whisky Society is also something that will interest you. Edinburgh break with a trip to Loch Ness is also an option. The sheer variety of Scotland’s natural beauty never fails to impress you. The country offers an amazing range of landscapes, from the gentle rolling hills of Dumfries and Galloway to the breathtaking peaks of the Cairngorms, and from the rugged coastlines of the north east to the sub-tropical gardens of Wester Ross.

Scotland certainly has many treasures crammed into its compact territory. Every visitor will find something that will suit their taste. For the history buff, few cities compare with Edinburgh and Glasgow. The food lovers won’t want to miss Aberdeen and Angus and the delicious beef  and Dumfries & Galloway renowned for their Smoked Salmon. The thirsty ones can satisfy themselves with the peerless malt whiskies of the Isle of Islay or Oban. The wild mountain scenery of the Highlands & Northern Islands will attract nature lovers. Those who want to dance with the cold-sparking waves of sea can enjoy your breaks in Outer Hebrides.

If you are planning a stay in the Highlands, Inverness is the perfect base with just about all of the must see places within a relaxing and easy 2.5 hours drive. Inverness offers a massive choice of accommodation from a budget Inverness B&B, to quality Inverness Hotels. You can also find hostels and self catering cottages so there definitely is a bed to suit every taste and budget.

Scotland really does have every base covered for the discerning traveller. Book your Scotland break now and discover a beautiful country with the freshest air. Choose a great foreign exchange for you currency and we recommend you use forex, forex trading or 24forex.