Easy And Affordable Ways To Add Some Luxury To Your Accommodation Décor

After giving your guests a warm and genuine welcome to your accommodation, the next most important factor for their comfort and enjoyment is how your premises look and, crucially, the décor in the bedroom.

It’s easy to get it wrong by doing very little for years, thinking that you’re saving money but keeping things clean. The trouble is that you’re probably losing money if people who visit think your accommodation looks rather tired. They may not come back and also may be unlikely to recommend it to friends or family.

It’s actually easy to keep your accommodation looking and feeling fresh and modern without having to spend a fortune. It’s one of the reasons that you can encourage repeat visitors, and makeovers give you the chance to refresh what you have and make your guests really comfortable.

Making the changes

First, you need to look at every aspect of your accommodation. A dated breakfast room, for example, can simply be updated with some bright new furniture, newly painted walls and, instead of a carpet that picks up all the crumbs, an attractive wooden floor that’s easy to keep clean. Your crockery and utensils should be contemporary too. Put some pictures on your walls. You may have a theme. Landscapes are both attractive and soothing, but if you want something a little more “in your face”, look at framed photographs or some contemporary art. You could offer a selection of magazines for people to peruse as your guests are sure to want to catch up with all of the celebrity news whilst relaxing at your accommodation.

The entrance

First impressions are so important. When a guest arrives, they are unlikely to want a reception place that feels cluttered with furniture or other fittings. A cool, clear open space with chairs or tables judiciously placed are more likely to create the atmosphere that will encourage newly-arrived visitors to relax and look forward to their stay.

To the rooms

Returning to first impressions, the bedroom is usually where a visitor will make an immediate value judgement. Naturally, it has to be clean, but in terms of the décor, what is the room saying? Bedrooms differ in shapes and sizes, but you want people to feel they are in a home away from home. Smaller rooms need not feel cluttered with furniture. Provide the essentials, such as bedside tables and a work desk. If you have a larger space, then a table and chairs will be appreciated for those who would like to have a meal in their room. Keep the paintwork looking good, and always check the carpets – they get a lot of wear, and if they become stained, then guests will notice. Think again about wooden floors with rugs as these can be easier to maintain.

Light in the bedroom is also an important consideration. Curtains are the norm, but think about using affordable shutters. These wooden window guards can let in as much light as you want with manoeuvrable louvres, or can shut it out altogether.

Luxury touches

You can make your accommodation look good and feel good by taking the time to look at what you have and renew it. It won’t cost a fortune, but it will encourage your guests to return again and again.