Ice Hotel – Sweden

Our world is filled with endless possibilities and there are so many places and things which are yet to be discovered. Have you ever imagined staying in a hotel built from ice? Well if this fascinates you then there is a special hotel for you when you visit Sweden called Icehotel. It is one of the unique and extraordinary hotels in the world. The hotel is rebuilt each year with ice and snow from a village of Jukkasjarvi. Icehotel was first built in 1990 and became the first ice hotel in the world. The hotel is built between the periods of December to April when the ice will not melt. Offering a unique product has proven to be a success even at land-based casinos (Spielbank) and real money online casinos.

Furthermore, the hotel has ice furniture such as chairs and beds. Artists come from all over the world to craft sculptures and decorate the rooms. Icehotel is both a hotel and ice art exhibition that attracts people from all corners of the world. Each year the hotel is built with a new design to express the different architectural skills of different artists.

When you visit Icehotel you experience so many things that cannot be offered by any other hotel in the world such as sleeping on ice. However, if you are a tourist, you can still access online pokies for Australians using mobile data or WI-FI internent connection. The temperatures inside are kept constantly at -5°C and the experiences of sleeping inside Icehotel is totally unforgettable. The place is silent, peaceful, and you get to enjoy northern lights, snow forests, cloudberries, kettle coffee and great food.

Moreover, you can have a good time in a cool bar or enjoy delicious food in the warm restaurant.  The restaurant also serves traditional food prepared from local ingredients. Icehotel is also used as a wedding venue so you can decide to tie the knot there or renew your vows in a memorable way. There are also customized ice products to decorate your event.

This is one of the coolest hotels in the world