Interior Designs To Make Your B&B Stand Out

Inverness has a huge choice of places to see, from ancient castles through to Loch Ness. It is the capital of the Highlands and one of the UK’s most popular holiday destinations. It is therefore an excellent location for a B&B, and you can easily make your property stand out to visitors by getting the interior design right. Follow these tips to spruce up the interior of your B&B. Getting people interested in your business from afar can be considered as one of the key elements that you need to take into consideration if you want to be successful as a business owner. In this day and age, you get the possibility to design something that properly shows your business, allowing you the possibility to create a neon sign with your logo that can help get those extra customers. Presenting yourself in the best light is something that you should always consider when you are dealing with people that you expect to invest in your business, making sure that you make it as presentable as possible.

Install An Electric Fireplace

Scotland gets cold for large parts of the year, and guests will thoroughly appreciate the intimacy of a fireplace. It’s not necessarily realistic to burn fuel in your B&B, but many electric fireplaces do an extremely good job of mimicking the real deal. Make guest rooms warm, comfortable and cosy with the addition of a fireplace – something that could be the focal point of the interior design of your rooms.

Boost Your Green Credentials

Guests are increasingly environmentally conscious, and especially so if they are travellers seeking out the natural beauty of Scotland. Asking guests to re-use towels is a good start, while opting for shower gels and shampoos with green credentials is also a good idea. Your interior design should use furniture and materials made from sustainable sources, while the exterior of your B&B should speak for sustainability by opting for low-maintenance gardens, for example.

Create Light And Airy Rooms

Older, classic building styles in Inverness can lead to rooms that seem closed and confined. Spruce up the interiors of your rooms by installing larger windows, if you can, while choosing full height window shutters to offers guests the choice of privacy. Skylights are also excellent for making a room feel lighter, though even just adding sufficient lights to a room can make all the difference.

Use Photographs And Artworks Cleverly

B&B patrons expect a more welcoming environment than the usual generic, corporate hotel room. A single shot of photography can introduce a warm, luxurious feel to a room, which otherwise won’t be there. Scenes from the surrounding nature is an especially good idea, while carefully chosen original art would quickly add an exclusive feel to the interior design of your property.

Accessorise With Restraint

Though a sparse and minimalist interior design is not ideal for a classic country lodge, you should pick your accessories with care. A cluttered look can quickly reduce a stylish room to kitsch, and though individual items can be cute, too many can be an eyesore. A design consultant can help you to find the right balance between dry and bland and overly cluttered and stifling. It is the B&Bs that get this interior design balance right that win awards – and customers.

Often, the most exceptional B&Bs are not the most luxurious ones, but the ones that get all the elements of a B&B right, and this also counts for interior design. A single out-of-place element in the interior design of your B&B can hold back even the most exclusive looks, so pay attention to detail and get feedback from your guests to point out anything you have missed.