12 Picturesque Locations You Must Visit In Inverness

Undoubtedly, the city of Inverness is one of the most beautiful places that one should visit while being in Scotland. Inverness is basically a Gaelic term that means “mouth of the River Ness”. Here Ness is the name of a river that flows into the Moray Firth out of Loch Ness. This city offers all the benefits associated with city life along with the natural beauty of Scottish Highlands on the doorstep.

So, it can be said that without a visit to Inverness, your trip to the Highlands of Scotland will be incomplete. A compact city center along with a friendly unhurried pace is the thing that makes this city the perfect and stress-free holiday destination. Here comes a list of 12 picturesque tourist destinations that one should visit.

Loch Ness

Loch Ness from Urquhart Castle - kingsley - 30-JUN-09

This is probably the most popular loch available in this world as well as the habitat to Nessie, the “Loch Ness Monster”. Here the travelers can explore a 754-foot deep lake on the Loch Ness trip, can visit the ruins of the Urquhart Castle perched on the bank of the lake, the largest castle of Scotland or can hike around the side of the lake. Apart from that, the tourists should also check out the Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition, where they can discover the legends of the most mysterious sea creatures of the UK.

Urquhart Castle

This ancient fortress is located on the bank of Loch Ness. Standing in mostly ruined condition, till now this castle is one of the ideal places to find Nessie. Besides, there is a dock for loch boat tours, a life-sized trebuchet siege engine, and also a wonderful visitor center. Earlier, this castle was one of the largest castles of Scotland; the remaining part of the tower now offers wonderful panoramic views of both the Great Glen and the Loch Ness.

Falcon Square

This is the latest mercat cross planned for Inverness prepared from sandstone along with bronze castings and it was designed by Gerald Laing. This square features a falcon on every side that is in stooping pose to catch the prey. This place is also crowned by the national animal of Scotland. But the majority of the tourists to Scotland and some of the Scots also don’t know that Falcon is actually a unicorn.

Culloden Battlefield

The Battle of Culloden

Being poignant, powerful and windswept moorland, the Battle of Culloden ended the cause of Jacobite and then changed the path of the world history. This place has preserved to accurately emulate how the place looked on the day of battle. Now as an informative visitor center, this place offers amazing audio tours of the battlefield as per the preference of the users. This allows the visitors to connect to the past while being immersed. This makes Culloden battlefield a special tourist destination in Inverness.

Highland Wildlife Park

Specialized in local Scottish Wildlife as well as some other creatures of the colder weather, this park has obtained an approval for the program of breeding Scottish wildcat as this park is aiming to save these species from extermination through the inter-breeding process with house cats.


Visitors, who like to explore conventional hospitality, music, drink, and dance of Highland while visiting Inverness, Hootananny is nothing but the best option. On every Friday and Saturday, some of the tables of this place are cleared to organize ceilidh dancing that brings in laughter, smiles and the feeling of accomplishment remembering the steps.

Eden Court Theatre

With a number of shows per year, two cinema screens, two theatres and different workshops, Eden Court works as the greatest arts venue located in the northern part of Scotland. Extended and refurbished recently, most of the people visit Inverness to watch the performances hosted by this theatre.

Cawdor Castle


Built in the 15th century, this castle was the residence of the “Thane of Cawdor”, whose name was cited in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. With a prosperous history and some beautiful looking gardens, this place works as the must-visit place for the visitors of Inverness. Here the tourists can step into the fairy tale in the Scottish Highlands located in the Cawdor Castle. Besides, this romantic place also shares some links with Macbeth. After exploring this castle, the tourists can scroll the beautiful gardens and therefore can immerse themselves in the actual history of Scotland.

Botanic Gardens

There are a few sub-tropical gardens located in the northern part of Scotland. The Botanic gardens produce an amazing range of plants starting from Pitcher plants to Cacti. These gardens are then beautified with added waterfalls and fish ponds. Besides, there are some sheltered colorful gardens outdoor that work as the ideal places to travel around. Apart from that, tourists can also enjoy a tempting experience of chatting here by sitting between the River Ness and the Caledonian Canal.

Beauly Priory

Deprived of in the year 1634, the remaining of the 13th-century monastic settlement is still extensive as well as worth exploring. Originally, the monks were French and the place got its name from “Beau Lieu” that means “beautiful place”. In this place, the tourists can capture the best scenes of Highlands. Besides, the gallery of Beauly Priory displays the best examples of Scottish Art that the tourists should not miss. Tourists can also purchase the paintings and artworks from different locally and nationally acclaimed artists from here.

Glenmorangie Distillery

While being in Inverness, it is really tough to choose any specific distillery as there are a number of options to offer. In fact, Glenmorangie offers three types of tours and the visit can be merged with the day trip to Seaboard, Tain, and the Dornoch villages.


This is basically a small seaside town. Except for the walks, miles of sands, the challenging golf and the wonderful eateries, the main attractiveness of this place is that this place is located just 15 minutes away from Inverness aboard. This place is also well known as the home of actress Tilda Swinton. Apart from that, Nairn can also be considered as the beautiful.

Author – Sarah Bennett

“Sarah is a senior editor in www.holidayfactors.com, a leading online holiday marketplace in Dubai, UAE”

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How To Plan The Perfect Trip To Canada

Canada is a wonderful country to visit and often likened to Scotland. With vibrant cities, spectacular natural wonders, a unique indigenous culture and some amazing food and drink experiences, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Before you book your trip though, make sure you are aware of any visa requirements. There is nothing worse than fronting up at the airport to find you don’t have the necessary paperwork. Your holiday dreams may be shattered before you even leave.

Most people need a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorisation (Eta Canada Visa) to visit Canada for holiday or business. You can find out if you need a visa on the Canadian Government website and you can obtain one at www.eta-canada-visa.com. If you are a visa-exempt foreign national, then you will require an Eta Canada visa to board a flight to Canada. However, you won’t need an Eta Canada visa if you are planning to arrive in Canada by land or sea, for example by train or bus from the U.S. or on a cruise ship. There are some exemptions and special circumstances too so make sure you check out the website before you book your trip.

Once you have your documents in order it’s time for the fun bit, planning your trip.

Canada is a huge country and if you are short of time it may be best to concentrate on one region. Do you like to do all your own research and planning or prefer to leave it up to the travel experts and go on a tour? The time of year you wish to visit and whether you are travelling with children will also influence your travel plans.

Canada has world class cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, with lots of exciting museums, art galleries and restaurants to fill your days. If you are travelling in winter, then visiting one of the many ski resorts in the Canadian Rockies will provide a winter wonderland. Or perhaps you would like to visit one of the 37 national parks in Canada. Banff National park is spectacular and provides a picture perfect landscape. If shopping is your thing then head to West Edmonton Mall located in Edmonton, Alberta. It is one of the largest shopping malls in North America and could keep you occupied for days.

Planning your holidays is one of the joys of travelling, and with so much to see and do in Canada you are spoilt for choice. Enjoy your trip.

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How To Find Great Guest Houses To Stay At In USA

Planning a visit to the United States Of America is pretty straightforward but most people do not actually know that much about how to properly plan such a trip. It is quite common to see overpaying, which is surely not what you want. Alternatively, it is always possible to end up staying somewhere that is not at all as expected, with lower quality being present. That can easily make the entire trip a disaster.

If everything is in order with your paperwork (you have your visa USA documents) and you know when you want to visit, considering the guest houses is a great option because of the quality-price ratio present. This is what we will talk about in the following paragraphs, offering some great advice on how you can find the very best guest houses, no matter what part of the US you want to visit.

Look For Guest House Associations

When a guest house is a part of an association you are told that a quality standard is respected. All these associations have specific rules and members cannot do all that they want. At the same time, the associations will give you specific advice in the areas that are covered. You can easily locate some guest houses that are not widely presented on regular online booking sites and in some situations there are even discounts that are present.

Expand Your Location Criteria

Most people look for guest houses that are as close to the desired visiting spots as possible. This is definitely completely understandable but prices are always going to be higher. It is a good idea to look at other locations too as there is always a really good possibility that transportation options will be available. By simply expanding your search for a few kilometers you can reduce the costs by up to 50%, which is definitely something that will help you to enjoy your US trip even more.

Read Past Visitor Reviews

When it comes to booking guest houses most people just look at the first review they find online. This is never enough to make up your mind about the experience you are going to be offered. It is really important that you are careful and that you look at as many past visitor reviews as possible. This does mean you have to go beyond the booking site you use.

As an example, if you find a guest house listed on Booking.com, see if it is also available for booking somewhere else. This allows you to read more reviews and you can also find better prices. At the same time, as an extra really useful tip, be sure that you check and see if the guest house has a website. Direct booking almost always offers the best deals.

Final Thoughts

Remember that there is no shortage of guest houses you can choose from when you plan your visit to the USA. Check out all the options you can find and do have the necessary patience to conduct a good research. This will make your stay so much better.

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The Best Nightlife Recommendations in Edinburgh

As Scotland’s second most populous city, Edinburgh is alive day and night, filled with places to dine out and to dance in, to listen to music and take part in gaming. This is as true on Princes Street at the heart of the city, as it is at the outskirts of Edinburgh. The first step on a night out is, of course, to eat and you will find cafes and restaurants that cater for a variety of tastes.

O’Oliviero at Grassmarket, Old Town, is open until 11pm. Its menus include steak, fish and chicken dishes, in addition to Mediterranean recipes based on Parmesan cheese, olive oil and tomatoes. It also offers patrons a comprehensive wine list. Hendersons Vegan Bar on Thistle Street is open until 9pm, Sunday to Thursday, and until 10pm on Friday and Saturday. It offers a range of meatless and delicious dishes, accompanied by vegan wine and beer, coffee and cake. For a truly unusual dining experience, go to The Witchery by the Castle, which offers an incomparable range of starters and main courses, seafood and local meats.

Combine dining out with throwing dice at the Genting Casino Fountain Park. Do not forget to register online before you go and be aware that everyone under 25 must carry ID. Book a table for the Fahrenheit Restaurant, the latest booking 11pm, and choose from a variety of Scottish dishes. The restaurant price includes a bar drink and a complementary £5 bet. Gaming patrons have access to the Late Bar, and activities include American roulette and blackjack. Learn to Play packages are available to gaming novices or you could practice beforehand at an online casino such as casino.netbet.co.uk. The casino stays open until 6am.

Situated in the atmospheric vaults of its South Bridge premises, is Whistlebinkies Live Music Bar. It opens at 5pm every evening and entry is free. Live bands play every night and events include the Open Mic contest on Monday, when patrons provide the entertainment. The bar serves a wide range of draught and bottled beers and lagers, and Highland, Islands, Islay and Speyside whiskies, not to mention whisky blends. Join the young night time revellers flocking to the Lulu Bar and Nightclub on George Street. Opening at 10pm, the bar serves over sixty cocktails and a range of wines, beers and vodka. DJs play house, hip-hop and disco music, and dancing ceases at 3am.

The nearby Why Not nightclub opens at 10.30pm and dancing lasts until 3am. DJs play RnB, dancehall and club classics. A dress code is in operation, with no sportswear, boots or tracksuits allowed. Less trendy but still stylish is the Jazz Bar on Chambers Street. In spite of the name, various types of music are played, including funk, soul, electric, blues and roots. The bar opens at 5pm on weekdays, but you can enter at 1.30pm on Saturday. Patrons hand over cash at the entrance (no cards), which goes directly to musicians. There is a continuous bar service.

Other evening entertainment in Edinburgh includes theatre and live music. The Royal Lyceum, King’s Theatre and the Edinburgh Playhouse offer year-round programmes. The Traverse Theatre offers more contemporary and experimental productions. Classical music lovers will find programmes at Usher Hall, the Assembly Rooms and Queen’s Hall.

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Payroll Loans – Advantage and Disadvantages

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of making a payday loan!

No one is free to go through an emergency. All people need money, do they not? And in those hours you can look for a payday loan that offers cheaper interest rates in relation to personal loan or overdraft. If you want to know how to get a personal loan you can read more.

Advantages of Payroll Loan

Whoever working with a formal contract can try to take payroll before opting for personal credit for five important reasons:

  1. The form of payment of the consigned loan helps you to organiseSince the debt portions go out of your salary or benefit before that money goes into the account; you need to organize to spend less per month. Of breaking, you do not run the risk of losing the term of payment and having to pay interest afterwards.
  2. Interest on the payroll loan is usually lower than the personal loan interestThis difference happens precisely because the debt is deducted from the payment. So the bank has more security that it will get back what it borrowed and manages to charge lower fees for it.
  3. Some financial institutions release the consignment even for those with a dirty nameAfter all, the loan repayment is automatic, and whether you’re dirty or not is less important in that case.
  4. You can take a paycheck to take out more expensive debtsAs it has lower rates than other types of individuals credit, it is a way out to pay off the outstanding debts. So you can concentrate all the accounts into one, paying less interest.
  5. The interest rate is fixedThis means that by the time you close the contract you already figure out the amount of the monthly installments and how much you will pay the most for the money you have lent.

Disadvantages of Payroll Loan

Making a consignment loan to get out of a financial emergency is not so much a problem as long as you know the conditions of this credit well. As the repayment of this debt comes out monthly from the benefit or the salary you receive, the interest is usually lower than the interest on personal loan lines. But not all the conditions of the consignment are positive.

In the consigned loan, it is not possible to delay or not to pay because it is discounted directly from the money you receive, even before it falls into your checking account, there is no chance of getting that money.

  1. You can’t negotiate the pay date of payroll loan installmentsIt is tied to the day you receive your salary or retirement, and you have no way to change it. The operation can’t be canceled if you change your mind later.
  2. The only way the installments can’t be deducted any more is to pay the payroll, advancing payment. Unless you have received wrong charges – in which case you may request cancellation.

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