Night Life in Inverness

Inverness is a beautiful city by the River Ness that offers so much more than you might expect. There’s beautiful scenery, rich history, fascinating culture and the nightlife is incredible. You’ll find music festivals, clubs, bars and hidden gems dotted around the city just waiting to be discovered:

Eden Court

Eden Court is Inverness’s largest venue and you’ll find an incredible range of events to please the culture lovers. Eden Court has been attracting visitors from all over the region since the 1970s that all come to see the plays, ballets, live music performances, film screenings and so much more. Every year the performances get more impressive, so grab yourself some tickets and come see the art of Inverness.

The Ironworks

In the heart of Inverness you’ll find great live music at a venue called ‘The Ironworks’. You’d be amazed to know that this venue has been the host for some incredible acts, including Biffy Clyro, Van Morison, Babyshambles, The Wombats and Kasabian. They also play host for some amazing up and coming artists as well as some classics, and every now and then they also host comedy nights. If you manage to book a ticket, a night out here is a lot of fun.

One4 Fun Casino

For those that like games there’s the one4 Fun Casino in Inverness. This little game parlour in the city centre has a great range of games to help you and your friends wind down after a long day. If you’re looking to have a party away from the clubs you can also hire one4 Fun Casino to host your event and have a Las Vegas themed bash. For those that like a bit of laid back gaming there’s the slot machines and roulette wheel, but if you’re into high stakes and want to test out some of the latest blackjack betting strategies they have blackjack, too along with a few poker tables for the especially adventurous.


Barbazza is the best place to give you a great, well rounded evening. During the day they serve some delicious food, so grab a bit of dinner to get your energy up. After that you’ll find everything from karaoke to live rock music. You’ll find all kinds of live music and entertainment here from Thursday to Sunday. Every now and then you might be asked to contribute some spare change, but most of the nights are normally free and everyone is welcome to join in, pick up a few cocktails and sing their heart out.


This particular establishment is certainly unique. This Scottish café/bar has three venues in one building. On the first floor you have the café bar itself; on the second floor you have the Mad Hatters Bar, where you can sample real, local ales; and on the top floor is the Bothy Sofa Bar where you’ll find a more intimate atmosphere. Local singers, musicians and comedians find themselves at Hootananny every now and then and showcase their talents while on other days you’ll find the bars filled with more traditional music. This is a great place to meet anyone’s needs. Start with an evening coffee, move on to rich ale and then end the night with a nice nap on a sofa. Be warned, though, that the live music can get a bit loud and so can the bars.