Hidden Gems: Two Waterfalls Tucked Away Near Inverness

Scotland is a major tourist destination in the world, with CNN naming the country the number one destination for tourists to visit in 2013. Scotland is more than just the world famous Loch Ness – the supposed home of the mystical Loch Ness Monster – known for its beautiful scenery, unspoiled natural wonders and a rich and long history. Scotland is a travel destination that has a charm and serenity of its own.

Tucked away between the villages surrounding Loch Ness are two spectacular waterfalls that are hidden away from civilization. These bodies of water that can be found near the city of Inverness, give their visitors a unique and intimate surrounding that can melt any person’s worries and stresses away. For those who want to marvel in the outdoors and surround themselves with what nature has to offer, hiking to these waterfalls are a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of the city and the crowded major tourist attractions.

Situated near the village of Tomich is Plodda Falls. Considered by many as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the whole of Scotland, it is relatively unknown. In Tomich, you can stay in one of the several guest houses and bed and breakfasts in the village, take a bus or rent a car to the site, settle in the car park and walk your way to the falls. The path is well signposted so you don’t have to hire a guide or ask for directions.

There are two woodland trails that direct you to the location. The longer one, Tweedmouth Walk, named after the area’s late 19th century owner, Lord Tweedmouth, is highly recommended. Taking this route will allow you to enjoy the hundreds of old Douglas fir trees that fill the path. The shorter trail, Falls Walk, leads you straight to Plodda Falls. Located in the middle of nowhere, with stunning views and a quiet surrounding, Plodda Falls is a definite must visit for those who want to try a trek off the beaten paths of Scotland.There’s nothing more fulfilling than ending a long hike by finally arriving to your destination and being filled with awe and wonder. 

Foyers Falls

The second waterfalls are the Falls of Foyers Located near Foyers, a village that lies on the East shore of Loch Ness. This body of water comes from the River Ness, and feeds the Loch Ness. At the start of the trail leading to the falls, a shop, cafe and parking lot are available to serve your needs so you don’t have to pack so much when you take your hike to the area. The walking distance from the shop is about 2.7 miles, taking you around one to two hours of walking, so you have to be physically fit to withstand the walk.

The waterfall has a height of 165 feet, with picnic tables, safety railings and wooden steps around the area. A very popular tourist destination in the Victorian era, it has lost some of its dramatic wonder due to the hydroelectricity system that it is used for. However, when heavy rainfall occurs, it returns to its former glory and gives you a spectacular waterfall experience.

These hidden gems are among Scotland’s preserved natural wonders.

Have an intimate and fulfilling experience by visiting one or both of these beautiful natural wonders.

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