How To Clean Glass

How To Clean Glass

If you are looking for the best techniques for how to clean glass in this article we have listed a few of the most popular and effective methods that avoid using any of the pre-mixed chemicals that are so readily available in the shops today.How To Clean Glass With Newspaper

How To Clean Glass Using Newspaper

This is just about the oldest method of how to clean glass and is still used today by many people and the older generation swear by it. For this you will need some old newspaper, vinegar and water. Mix the water and vinegar 4:1 (one part vinegar to four parts water) and wash the glass preferably with a lint free cloth. Vinegar being an acid is very effective at cutting through the grease and dirt. Scrunch up a few sheets of the newspaper and buff the glass to a shine. Newspaper seems an unlikely cleaning tool particularly as old printing inks used to make such a mess of your hands but you will be suprised at the result you get.

How To Clean Glass Using Only Water & Cloth

Technology of cloth making has certainly moved on in recent years and with the introduction of lint free cloths and more significantly micro fibre cloths this an excellent environmentally friendly technique of how to clean glass. You can just apply the water to the glass and then buff dry, clean and most importantly smear free using the micro fibre cloth.

How To Clean Glass Using Steam

There are now all manner of steam machines available in all shapes and sizes. The handheld types are more popular around the home and come with various attachments but generally with with a tool for windows. The technique for how to clean glass with a steamer is quite easy. Simply spray the steam onto the glass and either allow to dry naturally or use the squeegee attached provided.

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