SEO For Guest Houses

SEO for your Guest House or bed and breakfast? What is it you might be thinking and if you know what it is do you need it? SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your website friendly to the search engines most importantly Google. If you own a business and your website isn’t appearing on the first few pages of Google you are missing out on business that your competitors are enjoying. To get your fair share you need SEO.

In any popular tourist city or town there could be in excess 100 guest houses and bed and breakfasts so competition is high. Compare this to let’s say dentists in a particular area there is a notable difference. It is clear that lots of guest houses have embraced SEO companies and their services and are reaping the benefits.

Some guest house and B&B owners are put off by the cold calling SEO companies and it’s obvious why – most of them start the conversation by inferring they are from Google and then they ramble on probably at a totally inappropriate time of day like the end of breakfast using jargon that flies way above most people’s heads.

We have over 200 guest houses and B&Bs in Inverness so when we started the Inverness Guest House Association we knew that if we wanted our website to rank quickly and well we would need an SEO specialist. There are different aspects to search engine optimisation and it is crucial you choose an SEO company that you are happy dealing with and that will get you results.

We chose NessSEO Scotland because of the results they have achieved with other websites in Inverness – currently 5 of the 10 websites on page one of Google for “Bed And Breakfast Inverness” have been optimised by NessSEO. Our website is currently No.1 on Page 1 of Google for “Bed And Breakfast Inverness”, “Guest House Inverness” and “B&B Inverness” plus other top 10 positions for other major search terms.

If you own a guest house, B&B or hotel we can happily recommend NessSEO for search engine optimisation in Scotland and the UK. The additional business you will pick up from listing high on Google will more than cover the cost.

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