Top Ten Towns To Visit During A Tour Of Scotland

Scotland, the northern-most country in the British Isles, has a plethora of metropolitan attractions and scenic landscapes. The castles, tartans, the timeless museums, the pretty lochs, the beautiful seaside and the rugged mountains make Scotland a travellers’ paradise!

So, which are the prettiest cities and towns in Scotland? Read on and find out:

1. Edinburgh

A wonderful city with a dramatic setting: Edinburgh is the perfect starting point to your Scottish exploration. The skyline, when seen from Princes Street, offers you a panoramic view of the Royal Mile, Arthur’s Seat and the Edinburgh Castle. Besides, would you really want to miss the art festival in August?

2. Glasgow

Although not heavily touristy like Inverness and Edinburgh, Glasgow, the “Workplace of the West” is known for its abundance of shopping, pubs and restaurants. Glasgow also prides itself on having the friendliest residents ever, what with the legendary “Glasgow friendliness” and all! A few must-visit sights are the Glasgow School of Art, the Ubiquitous Chip and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

3. Inverness

Second only to Edinburgh in the popularity department, Inverness, called “the Highland Capital” offers you a bunch of unique entertainment options: the Inverness Botanical Gardens, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, Inverness Castle, and St. Andrews Cathedral. Plus, Loch Ness, Culloden Battlefield, Fort George and the Caledonian Canal are good places to visit outside the city limits.

4. Dundee

A pretty little town on the banks of the River Kay, Dundee is scenic and has a warm friendly vibe, much like Glasgow. Called the “Discovery City” by virtue of the RRS Discovery ship on display in its harbour, Dundee is artsy (Dundee Contemporary Arts) and boasts a number of retail shopping plazas. It could be your basic gateway to visiting places like the Fife and the Angus Glens.

5. Perth

Perth is Scotland’s newest city! Its Georgian houses, cobbled pavements, and elegant manors speak volumes about its rich history, but the dazzling pubs, nightlife options, shopping malls and Perth Concert Hall are testimony to its cosmopolitan culture. Stroll about in the North and South Inch public gardens and visit the Scone Palace, very close to downtown Perth.

6. Aberdeen

Europe’s primetime moneymaking city, Aberdeen is known for its oil industry and granite. Located on the east coast, its scenic seaside, the Aberdeen Maritime Museum, Art Galleries and the pretty floral walks all around town (“Britain in Bloom” award-winning city) make it a city worth visiting. Enjoy the spectacular sunset at the Aberdeen Golden Beach.

7. Stirling

Its feet planted firmly in the past, Stirling is a historian’s delight. Explore the Stirling Ghost Walk, Stirling Castle, the Battle of Bannockburn site and the National Wallace Monument. The Old Town of Stirling, although much quieter compared to Edinburgh, is lovely and so is Loch Lomond, just thirty minutes away from the city centre.

8. Linlithgow

More history folks! Linlithgow is the birthplace of the famous Mary, Queen of Scotts. Visit the Linlithgow Palace, a 15th century ruin to hear her story. Located between Edinburgh and Glasgow, this charming old-style city is popular for its quaint cafes, taverns and souvenir stores on High Street.

9. St. Andrews

A bustling university town with some of the best beaches in Scotland and an aquarium, St. Andrews is famous for its golf courses. Called the “home of golf”, it boasts the St. Andrews Royal Ancient Golf Club, which was founded in the late 17th century. St. Andrews University is also a famous tourist spot.

10. Melrose

Melrose is a market city, with vibrant shopping plazas and trinket stores. Outside the city limits, the rolling hills offer a picturesque milieu. Nothing much to do here, but nevertheless, Melrose is a laid back city with perhaps, the best salmon from the nearby River Tweed.

Happy travelling!

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