The Holiday Gift Guide for Office Staff

The holidays are here, which means it’s time to think about how you’ll show your appreciation to your hardworking staff. In addition to planning special events, such as game days during which your staff can play things like office Christmas bingo, what gifts are the best options for your office employees? Keep reading for a few helpful ideas that can steer you in the right direction.

Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Gift cards are a fantastic gift idea for your office staff because they can use the money to treat themselves to something really nice. Whether you purchase them gift cards to classy restaurants, to Amazon, or to a specific store, they will definitely appreciate this gift. You can even purchase them a gift card that they can use anywhere they wish, which means they can use the money for whatever it is that they want to purchase.

In addition to gift cards, you can also get your staff gift certificates to activities that they can enjoy, such as a few yoga classes that they can use to relax. You can even go ahead and buy them a gift certificate to a spa so they can unwind and be pampered for a little while at the end of a year of hard work.

Gift Basket

A gift basket is yet another great way to show your appreciation to your office staff at the holidays. There are a variety of gift baskets that you can choose from, including those that have coffee and chocolate and those that include bottles of wine. You could even go with something simpler by purchasing a basket or case filled with fresh fruit and nuts that your gift recipient can enjoy.


Gadgets are a popular gift for everyone from teens to office employees, so if you have it in your budget, you can get your office staff new tablets or portable music players. Another great option is the Amazon Fire Stick, which is hugely popular because it lets users sync apps like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix to their TV. These gifts are sure to please, and they are gifts that your staff will be happy to use because they will be able to upgrade their existing technology.

Delicious Wine

Finally, a simple gift that is also sure to please is a high quality bottle of wine. You can even give your employees a gift basket consisting of wine, cheese, and crackers. Just consider what flavour wine every gift recipient would prefer so that the gift can be perfect. After all, what’s better than relaxing with a delicious glass of wine at home at the end of the workday, and at the end of the year?

When you start to think about your staff and what they are like on an everyday basis, you can determine what the perfect Christmas gift will be for them. Regardless of what you end up going with, they are sure to really appreciate the thoughtful gift and your effort to thank them for their hard work.