What’s The Deal With The Canadian ETA?

As someone who has been traveling for many years, I am still trying to get my head around the many different visa requirements which each country needs in order to enter. I completely understand that nations must protect themselves, especially in these dangerous times, and that relationships between various countries is changing all of the time, hence the need for pre-approval for your visit.

I recently went to Canada and was surprised to find that before I could be permitted access to this great nation, I would first have to get my hands on a fancy new electronic visa. Having been through the appropriate steps, and being granted access for my visit to Toronto, I wanted to go into a little bit more detail about this new visa, in case you have a trip to Canada coming up.

What is an Electronic Visa?

In an effort to improve border security, a new piece of legislation was introduced in 2016, that would see visitors being vetted, prior to arriving on Canadian soil. The idea is that you apply online, and wait to find out if you will be granted the visa. You will not be allowed to enter the country unless you have this visa, and so you must ensure that you have applied prior to your visit.

Who Needs An eTa?

There are over 38 countries on the list for who needs an eTa, most of which being some of the most popular visiting nations to Canada. If you are in any doubt as to whether your home country is part of this deal, simply go online and have a check.

Where Do I Get One?

Whilst this process is helping to beef up security, it has also made the experience for visitors and border officials, far easier, and far quicker. With this in mind, the application process is super simple and all that you need to do is head to the Canada eTa visa website, fell out some personal details and a little bit of information about your travel history, and your plans for your time in Canada.

Can I Get Refused?

The people who are refused the visa, are those with criminal records, no fly orders, or those that have been suspected of terrorist activity. Assuming that you match none of this criteria, it is unlikely that you will be refused a visa. If you are refused the visa, and you have no idea why, you can make an appointment with the Canadian embassy to have things straightened out, this is why you should apply nice and early.

Extra Details

If you have children, regardless of what age they are, they too will need a visa which you can apply for on their behalf. The cost of an application is $7 CAD, a price which you will pay regardless of whether your application is granted or not. Finally, your eTa, when approved, will last for a 5 year duration, you will be able to enter Canada as many times as you wish during this time, and then you must reapply after the 5 years is up.

Don’t arrive without your visa or you may be refused entry into the country.