Where Can You Park Up In Your Motorhome Around Inverness?

Where Can You Park Up in Your Motorhome Around Inverness?

Would you like to travel around Scotland in your motorhome? This is definitely something that should be on your bucket list. With so many outdoor pursuits you can do with the family, as well as beautiful locations, you can have an unforgettable holiday touring around Scotland. What’s more, people are friendly and welcoming, which means your trip is going to be exciting.

Of course, any good road trip has got to involve some planning. You’ll have done your due diligence comparing motorhome options on www.ariescape.co.uk, finding the perfect size for you and your family, which one includes the most appropriate amenities for your journey. As a result, you will want to make the most of your holiday and make sure that you are able to fit in all of the sights. Going home with regrets is not an option! In particular, you need to plan your stops and where you are going to park up in your motorhome. So, let’s take a look at some of the options you have when it comes to Inverness.

Kessock Caravan Park

 Let’s start with a popular place to park up in a motorhome. We are talking about Kessock Caravan Park. This is an affordable place to spend the night and it is a quiet place for all of the family. In particular, it is a woodland park, which means that it is peaceful and relaxing. It is on the Black Isle peninsula and you will find that Inverness is just 10 minutes away. What’s more, it is easy to access from major roads and if you are doing the North Coast 500, it is the perfect stopover. It has good reviews and makes parking up very simple.  

Bunchrew Caravan Park

 Another beautiful place you can stop in your motorhome is Bunchrew Caravan Park. If you are a fan of the outdoors, this is definitely somewhere you want to visit. It is around three miles from Inverness and it is a dog and family-friendly spot. You can enjoy being parked up by Beauly Firth, which has a beach and some woodland walks. We are talking about 20 acres of parkland to enjoy. It is quiet here and you can enjoy views of the mountains too. There are a lot of pitches here, as well as there being laundry, shops and toilets. There are even showers you can use. So, if you are looking for somewhere to park up that is going to give you good access to Inverness and surrounding activities, Bunchrew Caravan Park is going to be the place to go.

Ardtower Caravan Park

There is a lot you will want to do in Inverness when you are visiting. So, you may be looking for a spot to park up in your motorhome and enjoy a break. Well, there is going to be nowhere better than Ardtower Caravan Park. For example, this is just a few miles from Inverness, as well as not far away from Culloden Battlefield, as well as Loch Ness. So, you can call this your home for a while. There are around 80 pitches here, which are surrounded by greenery and mountains. It is quiet here and you are welcome to bring pets. Other facilities you can use include showers, internet access, drinking water and W.C. disposal. There is even a playground for the children to enjoy if the weather is nice and you want to be outdoors.

Culloden Moor Caravan Club

When you are traveling around Inverness and you love history, there is one place that you have to visit. We are talking about Culloden Battlefield. This British battle was one that did not last long but led to the death of many. In particular, the Jacobite’s were slaughtered by the British. So, this means that you need to park up somewhere close by in your motorhome. Thankfully, not far away is Culloden Moor Caravan Club. You can use this as a base, as well as being set next to Culloden Forest. This is a site that is great for children, as well as being dog friendly. You can enjoy the sheltered area, as well as some privacy, thanks to the trees. There are facilities you can use, which include there being electric hook-ups, showers, drinking water and laundry facilities. What’s more, the prices are affordable too, which means that you may want to stay more than one night.